Thinking Digital 2011

  • Thinking Digital 2011

    Thinking Digital 2011

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Thinking Digital is a major International Conference of thinkers, technologists and creative practioners, spawning from the TED school of conferences and offering something unique to the UK’s innovators.

Bloom Studio was asked to develop a major animation sequence as part of the Conference welcome video and the finished product was used throughout the event to set the scene for a number of workshops and seminars.

The creative idea was to represent the nature of the conference showing that anything is possible to be imagined. The sequence shows the viewer travelling through the eye of the actress witnessing the Big Bang, forming a galaxy of ideas and thought, this then becomes a swirling milky way and the camera zooms in to focus on the earth and see how it is made of structured bits and bytes of information and technology, this information then coagulates into the thinking digital logo.

The project was shot in a green screen studio and animated using SoftImage and AfterEffects. A making of video can also be viewed here.


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