Oxfam Fashion at Leeds Festival

  • OX01

Oxfam GB is a globally renowned aid and development charity with 70 years of experience, working and campaigning with partners in 98 countries worldwide. The charity has embraced a whole range of brand marketing techniques to raise the profile, engage with more consumers and one of their long term relationships is with live music festivals in the UK.

Bloom Studio were commissioned to develop an animated sequence to be used by Oxfam’s online fashion blog for an article covering their presence at the Leeds festival. The article encourages people to re-use and modify clothing for new situations, or to donate the clothes which they can’t re-use.

The creative approach with the titles was look as if stop motion animation was used to make the letters cut out from different pieces of material move across the fabric and settle in a sequence spelling out the title. We really enjoyed working with Oxfam on the project and look forward to working with hem again in the future.

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