Animex 2010

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Animex the International Festival of Animation & Computer Games is a world recognised conference held annually in the North East of England covering venues across the region in Newcastle, Sunderland and from it’s base in Middlesbrough at Teesside University. The conference sees a wealth of professionals, graduates and academics attend a blend of talks, presentations, workshops, exhibitions, screenings and awards, Animex brings the world of animation and computer games to audiences from any background and any level of expertise.

Bloom Studio were commissioned to develop the lead animation for the Animex Animation Festival of 2010. This was to be used to start each day of the conference to set the tone for each workshop or speech and to provide a fun and entertaining way of encouraging people to take their seats and come to order.

The creative was produced by the Bloom Studio directors working in a team to develop a storyboard, character design and model and to ultimately animate the finished video.

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