Frequently Asked Questions

What is animation and how is it different from video?

Animation is the process of creating motion from a series of still images, although in our context animation is the art of making cool moving visuals! Animation differs from video because you can break the rules with animation, UFO’s, creatures from the deep and violent natural disasters (along with more conservative imagery) are all possible with animation.

Does your animation work on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and smartphones?

Yes we produce video which works on all devices. Ideally we would recomend that we prepare finished versions of animations for different devices, enabling the best possible experience for the user. We can even host your video so that it will work on these platforms every time.

Can people download and share my animation online?

Yes if you’d like this to happen you can certainly allow viewers to do this. However sometimes it is better to only allow streaming of footage so that you can measure where and how it is being viewed.

How long does the whole process take?

Most projects are bespoke to a brief, but we’re very efficient, generally we complete projects in a matter of weeks. The important thing to note is that the more time is spent planning an animation the better the animation will be at the end. Planning also significantly reduces costs and unnecessary changes further down the line.

Do we need to meet face-to-face or can we work on the project remotely?

We’re quite happy to work remotely if you’d prefer, we have systems in place to allow you to review and comment on the work in progress.

Can I use a video as a television commercial?

Yes absolutely, however we need to make sure that the video meets the rigorous standards required for television broadcast, this not only includes technical but editorial as well, more information on this can be found here.

Do you make viral videos?

We give it our best shot! It’s difficult to plan for something to go viral, but we have a good grasp on what makes a video viral and a whole range of techniques to help it do so.

Why should I use animation?

Animation is a varied and diverse medium. It allows you to escape the constraints of reality, a person only needs to look at film special effects or TV adverts to see how animation can enhance what can be done in reality. Animation can also break down the barriers creating timeless enthralling content such as Tom and Jerry, Wallice and Gromit, Mickey Mouse or Disney & Pixar’s films. Animation can also be a great leveller, appealing  to different ages, languages and cultures. Animation is more malleable than film as you you can shape it to fit into any context,  not relying on capturing a moment in time.

How do I know what kind of animation is right for my business?

Talk to us about it, we’re happy to consult free of charge, on what kind of animation might be suitable, in fact we prefer to work with our clients in order to fulfil their requirements and ensure that the animation produced is relevant, interesting and engaging.

Can I mix animation with video?

Yes we call this ‘Live-Action CG Mix’ and it is a technique frequently used my film and TV production companies to make visual effects.

What about if I need something done very quickly?

We prefer to effectively plan every project but if you need something done quickly we can do that as well.

Can you create an animation of something that doesn’t exist?

Absolutely, animation excels at creating the imaginary, mythical or implausible.