Our Team

Bloom Studio has a young but accomplished team with specialists in a number of fields providing a full animation service to companies and clients across the UK. The graduate team originated from the award winning University of Teesside, who have an enviable reputation for Computer Games, Digital Media and Specialist Animation and who are famous for running one of the UK’s leading animation festivals, Animex.

Martin Davies
Managing Director

Favourite animated film: Tron Legacy
Favourite animated character: Kevin (Pixar’s UP)
Earliest animation memory: Tom and Jerry
Best animation moment: The Storm, Ponyo
Animated idol: Stewie Griffin

Albin Skalleberg Nilsen
Creative Director

Favourite animated film: Dumbo
Favourite animated character: Wall-E
Earliest animation memory: The Snowman
Best animation moment: Pink elephants, Dumbo
Animated idol: Gyro Gearloose


Thomas Didymus

Favourite animated film: How to train your dragon
Favourite animated character: Skipper, Madagascar penguin
Earliest animation memory: Mickey Mouse
Best animation moment: The Battle of Pelennor Fields, Lord of the ring
Animated idol: Stan Smith, American Dad!

Kristian Egge

Favourite animated film: The Lion King
Favourite animated character: Maximus (Tangled)
Earliest animation memory: The Land Before Time
Best animation moment: Thomas O’Malley’s introduction (and song) in The Aristocats
Animated idol: Officer Earl (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)